A 12-YEAR-old boy will have to walk to school after losing his pedal bike in a suspected theft.

Liam Windiate, of Windermere Drive, Warndon, Worcester, needs the limited edition Carrera bicycle to get to school and football training.

His mum, Carly-Marie Smith, thinks the £500 bike was stolen from the side of her home on Tuesday morning.

She said it was taken almost a year after her son lost his motorbike in a separate theft.

The mother-of-four, aged 32, said: "He has to get to school on that. We are not in a position to replace it. He will have to walk.

"He's at Tutor Grange but he's going to Nunnery Wood [or Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College], which is miles away, in the next week or so.

"His motorbike was stolen last year. That was worth £900. He didn't get that back. He doesn't have much luck."

Ms Smith said they only noticed that the bike was missing when her son went to go to football training on Tuesday night.

"I think it was taken yesterday morning when we were out all day," she said.

"It either went yesterday morning or the night before. The dog definitely would have barked during the night."

Her son was able to get a lift to school on Tuesday because his dad was on annual leave from work. 

She said the bike was in the family's side garden behind a bolted gate.

She intends to report the incident to the police and encouraged anyone who has seen the black and orange bike to contact her.

Anyone with information can ring 101 quoting crime number 22/2606/17.