PRET A Manger and a number of other city shops have decided to give their leftover food to the homeless.

Sharon Multani, founder of the homeless group Sharon's Help and Hope, can now collect free food from the businesses at the end of the day.

The new Pret A Manger shop, in Worcester High Street, followed in the footsteps of the nearby Greggs store and The Bake House, in Lowesmoor, by signing up to help the group.

Ms Multani, aged 57, said: "Pret A Manger are donating their food to us. The Bake House gave out bread last night, we had two bin liners.

"Greggs [give] about three trays of food a night. Four nights a week we feed the homeless and vulnerable in Worcester outside Maggs Day Centre. Between 25 and 30 people a night."

Ms Multani said it is hard to raise money to buy food and thanked the companies for their generosity.

She added that her group needs a minimum of £50 a week to cover its costs.

Pret A Manger handed over its first batch of food to Ms Multani on Monday, September 25.

She said The Bake House started donating leftovers in September and Greggs signed up in August.

The group is now appealing for a sheltered location where it can hand out food from this winter.

Juanita Cracchiolo, manager of Pret Foundation Trust Project, said: "As soon as we announced that Pret would be opening in Worcester, Sharon contacted us.

"The first collection from Sharon’s Help and Hope was at the end of September and, since then, volunteers from the charity have been collecting our unsold food to give to the homeless.

"We also collaborate with St Paul’s Hostel and YMCA in Worcester and are pleased to be able to do our bit to help alleviate some of the pressures of homelessness in the area."