A RONKSWOOD woman has slammed police after claiming it took three days to respond to her 999 call that she had been attacked at her home.

West Mercia Police has vowed to review the response to the call of Jayne Hughes, who told the call handler she had been attacked in her own home by three men.

Ms Hughes claims three men came to her home in Chelmsford Drive and attempted to get in at 8.15pm on October 3, immediately calling 999.

After initially opening the door she said she "somehow found the strength" to be able to close it, but not before sustaining injuries including a swollen hand, after being hit on the neck, and being pushed into the wall aggravating a previous injury to her shoulder, which she had surgery for.

"I was really shaken, I am still very vulnerable about it and get nervous if the door goes," Ms Hughes said.

"I called 999 at about 8.30pm that night and someone was meant to come out.

"Later on, I called back at 9.50pm and was told someone would call back to let me know whether anyone would come out that night.

"No one did, I heard nothing."

The following day, after the 49-year-old had visited Worcestershire Royal Hospital for treatment to the injuries, Ms Hughes called again on Wednesday night.

"I was told they can't fit me in until Friday," she said.

"They finally saw me on Friday night. I am angry, annoyed - I feel let down.

"I feel like the police are supposed to be there to protect you. They are there to help people, but they have done nothing for me though.

"I just can't understand why they didn't send someone."

Superintendent Kevin Purcell said: "It is never good to hear of such incidents when members of the public feel we have not got our response right.

"I have, as we always do when such matters arise, asked that we do a review of the call into us and our response.

"Once we have done so, we will be in a better position to understand what has occurred."

Witnesses or anyone with information on the incident is asked to call police on 101, quoting 667S.