SIR, I was interested in the article on Monday night by the police and crime commissioner on his consultation over the takeover of the Fire Brigades Committees.

I read the Worcester News every night and am very interested in all aspect of the life and goings on in Worcester.

Somewhere over the last three months I have not seen any article in the press, document, discussion or meeting on the subject of consultation, but if there were and I missed it I apologise, perhaps like the Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy, the plans for the super highway, like the consultation, were in a locked cabinet in a cellar in outer santori!!

I would be interested where he gets his statistics from, because to my mind at least 70 per cent would be against enlarging his empire and his pay scale to the extent of the odd million.

I was pleased last week to see that the council turned down this proposition and I hope they maintain this decision.

However, I was concerned of the decision not to take action on the loss of £93.000.00 in the case of the number plate sold no doubt on the old pals act to the ex Chief Constable, further Marcus Hart I don’t think it was Labour attempting to smear the PCC I think it was more like the General Public were concerned on this decision.