MORE than a dozen new inspectors have joined the RSPCA.

There are sixteen new inspectors who have spent five months out in the field with mentors and will now hit the road.

Among them is Thea Kerrison, age 32, who has successfully graduated to become an RSPCA inspector to join the charity’s frontline. 

The role includes helping to prevent and investigate animal cruelty, as well as rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals in need.

She said: "I was an animal collection officer for nine years but I always wanted to do more.

"I just knew it was what I wanted to do.

"I can’t say the course was easy. Part of the practical course was working with heights - I struggle with heights.

"It was a real achievement for me passing the course and getting to where I am now.

"Seeing the impact I have made on people’s lives and animals’ welfare is really rewarding.

"Don’t get me wrong the job has its ups and downs. There’s so much more responsibility and challenging situations. "Something new always happen on a daily basis. We can start the day with a plan, however the plans always change so it is important to always adapt and prioritise."

The RSPCA has just 287 full-time uniformed inspectors. Each inspector covers, on average, an area of 172 square miles.

All of the new inspectors successfully completed the inspector training course and graduated on Friday, November 3.

The ceremony was held at the animal welfare charity’s head office in Horsham, West Sussex, in front of friends, family and colleagues.