A YOUTUBE video has emerged showing some 'dangerous' driving and quad bike riding in Worcester, including a car drifting at speed around a city roundabout in the rain.

The video, entitled "Crazy Drifting!! * Worcester Link Up* #DMOARMY" shows a car drifting at speed around a Worcester roundabout and quad bikes performing wheelies in a city industrial estate which police believe to be in Diglis.

The video from 'DMO Deejay' starts with an introduction from the host who says: "I am in Worcester and tonight I'm arranging a little get together."

The 'link up' took place at 6pm at Nando's in Worcester with some of the footage filmed on a GoPro camera.

The Worcester News is not yet clear of the date of the meeting but the video, which is around 11 minutes long, was published on October 18 this year and already has more than 11,000 views.

The host who calls himself DMO Deejay says that people with motorbikes, push bikes and cars were welcome at the event.

A large group can be seen gathered at the Texaco garage in Bath Road, including bikes and cars with engines revving loudly and horns sounding.

DMO Deejay says: "Worcester turned up bro!"

At one point on the video a message flashes up that it has started to rain but another follows saying: "DMOArmy Worcester was not gonna let it stop the fun."

The video then shows a car drifting at speed around a wet city roundabout. Someone can be heard saying: "We're coming in for the attack. Are we good to go?"

Cries of 'whoo!' and 'yeah!' can be heard as the car picks up speed during the drift and at one point DMO Deejay says: "We're going to be doing some madness!"

A spokesperson for West Mercia Police said she did not believe the driving and riding shown in the video had yet been reported to them but that they would be looking to investigate the matter as offences had taken place.

She added: "This kind of behaviour is dangerous and not acceptable. It does show that offences were committed. Laws have been broken here."

West Mercia Police can be contacted on their non-emergency number, 101.