A HOUSE fire scare was caused by a bungled attempt to burn aromatherapy leaves.

A neighbour spotted smoke billowing from a property in Midland Road, Worcester, and rang the fire service on Tuesday, November 7.

Luckily, the blaze was restricted to the foil tray that the material, believed to be bay leaves, was being burnt on.

Firefighters extinguished the leaves and paramedics assessed a man, who was in his 60s, for smoke inhalation.

Fire investigation officer Martin Lown said: "They were burning natural leaves for therapeutic inhalation.

"It was in a foil tray. It overheated. The fire didn't spread beyond the tray.

"Someone outside reported it as a house fire due to the smoke."

Two Worcester fire crews, an ambulance and a paramedic officer were sent to the scene after receiving a report about the incident at approximately 9.43am.

The male patient said he did not want to go to hospital.