A DOZEN police officers descended on a suspected drugs den during an early morning raid, before making two arrests.

Neighbours watched on as police charged over a grass verge in Shepherds Place, Droitwich, and then bashed down the front door of the home of a family-of-four, including two children, aged two and four.

A man, aged 27, and woman, aged 24, were arrested for possession with intent to supply class B drugs, after officers found a quantity of cannabis in the property.

Police Sergeant Sarah Kent said social services were aware the warrant was being undertaken, with the safety of the children, who were in the home at the time, a top priority.

The raid, carried out at 9.30am on Tuesday (November 14) and led by PC Rich Rees, was part of a larger project to rid The Westlands estate of illegal substances, including class A drugs.

PC Rees, of Droitwich Town West and Rural West policing team, praised the local community for raising concerns about the property.

“This is the result of the community coming to me and saying we have got a problem. We are taking drug dealers off the town,” said PC Rees, who is working at the heart of the clean-up project.

He has been speaking closely to residents, including drug users, many of whom want to see the banned substances taken out of the estate.

“Westlands has a reputation of being rough and ready but it’s not really that bad,” said PC Rees. “They [the residents] want things to be sorted. Even the users want this stuff off the streets.”

He added there were only a handful of people intent on keeping drugs flowing in the area, with many dealers having links to gangs using established supply lines to bring drugs in the county from elsewhere.

He went on to describe the arrests as “a great result, as we are acting on the concerns of the community” before urging residents with information to continue to come forward.