READERS of the Worcester News have reacted after KungFu Oriental Buffet defended its pink chicken.

The new restaurant in Cathedral Square says that its satay chicken skewers are made pink by the way they marinate it.

Sarah Walker 23, from Malvern, posted a picture on Facebook saying that the chicken was raw, but the oriental restaurant has said that the pink is caused by its cooking method.

Worcester News readers were split down the middle on what they thought about the claims.

Mark Venables said: "As a chef with many years of working in kitchens a marinade wouldn't cause the middle of the chicken to turn would discolour the surface meat at most.

"The easiest solution would be to temperature probe the foods before they are served."

Zack Hunt added: "I've eaten here on several occasions and its been fabulous. It's a buffet restaurant with high volumes of food cooked at a time. One piece of chicken uncooked out of thousands.

"Give the place a break not every piece of food is going to be cooked perfect."

Linda Chiles contributed: "At Cosmo in Coventry they eventually had to put a sign up by their satay chicken explaining it was cooked and colouring was caused by cooking ingredients. They had exactly the same problem.

Risha-sha Mikitczuk Hughes said: "Why would the marinade only be on the inside of the chicken?

"Whenever I had marinaded chicken. The inside has been white and the outer to edges had been coloured."

Toyah Murtaza added: "That meat is uncooked, marinating chicken would change the outer of the meat colour before penetrating the inner meat, you can see just by looking at the texture of that chicken that it's raw."

Steven Jones added: "That's cooked... I'm a chef, the texture of the meat clearly shows its cooked."

Website user Porksandwich said: "If anyone suffers from proper food poisoning (rather than a bad gut) the medical authorities pass it on to the environmental team at the council who then aim to trace it back to food establishments.

"People entitled to be cautious but I suspect this is a storm in a Wok."

Website user JordanL added: "The only way they can fix this is if the restaurant themselves film their supposed cooking method and show that the chicken turns out pink like that due to the marinating they do. They should film it and post it to their social media page."

Website user Debt Collector, said: "Oh dear. As a professional chef, I totally understand the dilemma. Chicken being just pink in colour doesn't mean it is raw. You have to look at the meat itself too.

"If the meat is similar to a rare steak, then its raw, if it breaks apart easily, then its cooked, regardless of colour.

"I have cooked sliced chicken from raw. Boiled throughout and it may at times come out as pink. Marinating DOES make the meat pink, sometimes the whole meat, but if you cook it long enough, just the middle pink and outer white.

"The picture of the said chicken looks like it may be raw. The meat looks translucent. Questionable."