AN appeal has been put out for the owners of a ferret which was found hiding under a car.

Emma Terry, 30, discovered the “tame and friendly” pet on her driveway in Bronsil Close, Worcester, on Tuesday evening, before posting an appeal to Facebook.

“I was literally cleaning out my car for work the next day and then saw what I thought was a kitten under there,” said Mrs Terry, a self-employed plumber.

“So, I bent down to have a look and it was a ferret. It was tame and running around by my feet.

“It’s obviously someone’s pet and has probably escaped.”

Mrs Terry, who moved to Worcester with her husband and two children from Malvern in February, then knocked on a neighbour’s door to see if they knew anyone who might have lost a ferret.

“They didn’t, but they gave me a cage, which I managed to put him in after catching him. Then I posted on Facebook.”

Later that night, Mrs Terry’s husband went up the street to knock on the door of a friend of his mum’s who keeps ferrets and she agreed to look after it until the owner is tracked down.

“She works with ferrets and she has ferrets as pets; she’ll offer him a bit of a B&B experience,” said Mrs Terry, who said no-one has yet come forward to claim the pet.

“It was very lucky, if ferrets do escape into the wild I can’t imagine they would last too long without being eaten by a fox,” she added.

Asked if she would consider adopting the ferret if the owner does not come forward, Mrs Terry said: “No, I’ve got two kids – that’s enough! I wouldn’t know what to do.”

If the ferret belongs to you, call Mrs Terry on 07788211836.