A YELLOW weather warning of snow and ice has been issued for Worcester this weekend.

The Met Office issued the warning saying showers of snow in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Northern England are set to stretch further south in western parts of England between midnight Friday and 6pm Saturday.

In some parts of the UK 2-5cm are likely to fall and 10-20cm in other locations but Sunday may be when Worcester could be affected the most.

According to Sunday’s forecast, snowfall could hit between 4am and midnight and this could lead to delays for all road, rail and air travel.

There is a potential for stranded vehicles and public transport being cancelled.

Those in rural areas could experience becoming cut off.

Frank Hill, local Malvern Weatherman said, “Over the next two days we’ll expect a few showers but it will probably be rather bleak.”

“Last winter we got away lightly with a light covering on the hills but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t last long this time.”

“The last time Worcester had a heavier snowfall was February 2012.”