A FATHER-of-three streaked at a Worcestershire County Cricket Club match because he was drunk and stood to win a £100 bet.

Michael Hudspith ran naked across the New Road ground in Worcester in front of thousands of cricket fans – and millions more who watched the game being broadcast live on Sky Sports television on Saturday, July 19.

The 36-year-old self-employed plumber exposed himself and flashed the crowd his tattoo before he was chased off the pitch by stewards and eventually arrested by police.

At Worcester Magistrates Court yesterday, an embarrassed Hudspith, of Skinner Road, St John’s, Worcester, admitted causing harassment, alarm or distress in public. He also admitted punching a cricket club employee, knocking him unconscious, as he attempted to run away.

Sarah Stock, prosecuting, said steward Kevin Gardener tried to stop Hudspith, who by then was wearing boxer shorts, as he tried to escape from the club’s car park.

“Two other stewards had detained Mr Hudspith by holding his arms and legs and took him into the car park to wait for police,” she said.

“They let go so he could put the rest of his clothes on and Mr Hudspith saw this as an opportunity to escape.” Magistrates heard Mr Gardener, who tried to push Hudspith off balance, was himself knocked to the floor and fell momentarily unconscious.

When he woke up he had “throbbing pain and sore swelling to his face”.

During police interview, Hudspith said he had streaked for a £100 bet, but could not remember much about the incident.

Rob Macrory, defending, described his client as humiliated, embarrassed, and full of regret.

“Sometimes a person who has never come before a court before in his life, and probably never will again, finds himself in that position,” said Mr Macrory.

“Having been on live television behaving in this way he has, perhaps more than anybody, humiliated himself. It is one of those cases where the less said the better.”

Condemning his actions during the Worcestershire vs Somerset game, the bench ordered Hudspith to complete a 12-month community order with 120 hours unpaid work.

He was fined £185, told to pay £60 court costs, a £15 victim surcharge and £100 compensation to Mr Gardener.