A WORCESTER woman was trapped in her house as a swarm of bees engulfed her garden.

Florence Nxumalo was eating her lunch at her home in Abbey Close, St John’s, Worcester, when she noticed a swarm of bees gathering in the garden.

She rushed to close the doors and windows and watched in horror as the insects started to engulf her small garden.

“They were everywhere, on the trees, on my bike, on the chairs and flying around,” said 35-year-old Miss Nxumalo.

“It was really scary. The next door neighbour recently got a bee hive so I wonder if that was where they were from.”

The swarm, containing thousands of honey bees, later started to settle in a shrub opposite the back door forming a huge brown ball.

From this, hundreds of bees were still flying around but not in the swarm Miss Nxumalo had experienced earlier.