AS London recovered from a third night of rioting, people from Worcestershire have been sharing their terrifying experiences of the violent attacks on the capital’s communities.

Parts of the city were described as a “war zone” after violent gangs smashed up shops, ambushed buses and set fire to cars.

The riots and widespread looting, which have triggered similar actions in Birmingham, are believed to have spawned from retrobution for the death 29-year-old Mark Duggan who was shot by police in Tottenham on Saturday night.

Pete Austin, formerly of Badsey, near Evesham, who now lives in Camberwell, south London, said the feeling in London was “anxious”.

“I had to put up my friends last night whose flat was set on fire in Peckham, they’re returning today to see what is salvageable,” he said.

“This violence has nothing to do with warped justice for a man getting shot by police; it’s mindless opportunistic thuggery which is ruining people’s lives.

“How can smashing up small independent retailers and destroying already struggling high streets be a sensible reaction to the economic crisis? I’ve never felt scared in London, there’s an amazing sense of community spirit here and this will only make it stronger.”

A former Worcester resident, who wished to remain anonymous, has friends in Tottenham – one of the areas worst affected by the riots.

“They no longer have any where to do local shopping,” she said.

“The night [the riot] happened was madness - sirens, fires, shootings and [my friend] has a little girl.

“There has been a lot of fear as it spread through but at the moment is predominatly on the east and north sides.”