A COUPLE who care for their young granddaughter feel more should be done to help those in their situation.

Tracy and Andy Warner, of Windermere Drive, Warndon Villages, Worcester, have been looking after 13-month-old Lily since she was a few days old and are concerned the law is not in their favour in terms of parental responsibility.

They took on the care of Lily after their daughter Katie, aged 18, felt unable to look after her and she is currently living at the YMCA in Henwick Road, receiving income support to help make ends meet. Mrs Warner says they rely on the income of her coach driver husband and they receive child benefit and some child tax but they are now unsure where to turn for help as tough financial times continue to bite.

She said: “We are not allowed the money because we don’t have parental responsibility. You don’t know which way to go, it just seems like an ongoing trail that’s got no light at the end of it.

“We are concerned that there’s no parental responsibility and no one has legal control over her, so can they come and take her off us? It’s a chance we don’t want to take.

“Surely there should be some help out there, whether for the mother because she is struggling or the grandparents because they have taken her on?”

A spokesman from the Grandparent’s Association said that as of 30 September there should be guidelines and policy in place at every local authority surrounding friends and family care regardless of legal responsibility, which should provide the Warners with some support.