THIS is the yellow warehouse people say they were promised would be grey.

Residents raised concerns about the building four years ago when it was before Worcester City Council’s planning committee.

They say the developer allayed their fears by saying the self-storage warehouse would be grey with yellow used only to trim doorways and pick out horizontal elements of the building.

But now the “monstrosity” built on a business park behind their homes is yellow and also bigger than they expected.

Barry Keville, whose house backs on to the site, said: “It’s much bigger than we thought it would be and it’s the wrong colour.

"We were told it would be grey with a yellow trim when we first saw the application. It’s yellow. It glows in the dark.

“It was put up on a Sunday two weeks ago.

“I can see it from my bedroom window.

“It’s a monstrosity.”

He also said the storage unit for Stock N Lock Self Storage in Venture Business Park, Weir Lane, St John’s, has obscured the view.

When the planning application for the 26ft high storage unit was first put forward in January 2008, residents fought against it by forming the Bromwich Road Action Group.

At the time the Worcester News reported that members of the planning committee were told the building would be grey with yellow trim – something that was later confirmed in a councillor’s letter to residents.

Coun Andy Roberts wrote at the time that “the developers must now conform to this standard”.

Mr Keville said the group had spoken at the planning meeting in 2008 and they knew the application had been passed.

But they did not realise the size of the unit or its impact on their homes until it was put up.

A spokesman for Worcester City Council said that planning officer Alan Coleman said the yellow building was consistent with the planning permission that was given.

Charles Rodway, managing director of Lansdowne Rodway and Crown House Developments – the firm behind the development – said: “It was always going to be yellow.

“We are great fans of bringing colour on to industrial estates. We have worked hand in hand with the planners.”

Mr Rodway said the warehouse was part of a £3.5 million investment into the area creating employment opportunities and jobs.

He added that trees would eventually be planted around the warehouse to screen it from nearby houses.