A DOG named Patsy Cline that went crazy and bit a passer by as she crossed a Worcester road has been allowed to live.

Emma Hill needed eight stitches after the attack on May 10 in Deansway, Worcester, when the 11-year-old dog was being walked by Andrew Jeynes.

The German shepherd was given a postponed death sentence at Worcester Magistrates Court , which will only be enforced if it attacks again.

Prosecuting, Mark Johnson said Jeynes, aged 25, of Albany Terrace, Worcester, decided to walk the dog, which was wearing a lead, while its owner Melanie Thompson, who owns a pub where he works, was on holiday.

“They crossed in the middle of the road,” said Mr Johnson. “Straight after the dog passed she felt a pain in her calf. The dog turned around bit through her jeans.

“She managed to get away from Patsy Cline and went across the road. The defendant came across and the injured party said, ‘Keep that dog away from me’.”

Following the incident Jeynes took the dog back to its homes and then returned to the scene to check on Mrs Hill.

Sharon Bahia, defending, said: “He demonstrated immediate remorse. When the dog took hold of her leg he shouted, ‘Get off’, which led the dog to ease off.”

Mrs Thompson, aged 41, of Fish Street, off Deansway, Worcester, defended her pet. She said: “She is a good dog and has never done anything wrong before. The vets told me she’s probably only got six months left.”

Speaking after court Mrs Thompson said she was relieved they had decided not to put the dog down.

“If they had ordered her to be put down I would have fought it to the end,” she said. “I have had her since seven and half weeks old. She went through all the training as a puppy.

“He shouldn’t have taken her out. I had arranged for a friend experienced with dogs to walk her. But she is mine and I take responsibility and will help him pay the fine.”

Magistrates ordered the dog wear a muzzle and lead at all times when in public. Jeynes was ordered to pay £200 compensation and costs of £85.