AFTER reports that Malvern’s Cher Lloyd was snubbed on American TV over fears that audiences would not understand her accent, her father has stepped in to say that this is not the case.

Darren Lloyd said the Americans love Cher’s Malvern accent and said she has done several radio interviews which have all gone without a hitch. His comments come after it was claimed that Cher was snubbed following an appearance on Dancing With The Stars where she performed her single, Want U Back, but unlike previous guests she was not given any air time with co-host Tom Bergeron to promote it.

But Mr Lloyd said the former X Factor star was never supposed to be interviewed on the show and was only there to perform.

“She was never supposed to be interviewed – she went on the show to perform,” he said.

“She’s done lots of radio interviews. They always go really well, they love her accent. She’s never been asked to repeat herself and the interviews always go really smoothly.”

When news about Cher’s ‘snub’ first broke, people in Malvern stuck up for the former Dyson Perrins High School pupil defending her accent.

Stuart Sewell, headteacher of Somers Park Primary School, which Cher attended, said: “Cher has a Worcester-shire accent that she can be very proud of – I’ve got one myself.

“Many of the children here know about Cher and track her progress with great interest – we’re really pleased for her.”

Councillor Ian Hopwood, the Mayor of Malvern, said he was bemused as to why people would struggle to understand her.

“It’s a neutral sort of accent which I would have thought those in the English-speaking world should be able to understand – it isn’t a Black Country accent or anything like that.

“I have a nephew from Gloucester and I have more problems trying to understand him than the children next door.”

Cher appears to be going down a storm in the US and the acid test will be to see how album Sticks and Stones fares following its American release on Tuesday.