Worcester, a great place to live, work and generally enjoy life, I always say, “A lovely place to live, it is big enough to have everything, yet still be small enough to be a community”.

Over recent years Worcester has really come to life, no longer the sleepy city of 25 years ago, it is now vibrant and full of life. Just a walk down the High Street proves that point as most weekends see some sort of activity or other, everything from street markets, to a Car Show, Carnival, Food Fest, not forgetting the amazing Worcester Festival which ends with a magnificent fireworks display and that’s just a few!

We have one of the best Cathedrals in the Country, The Commandery at the foot of Fort Royal Hill which was noted by two American Presidents as the birthplace of democracy, some magnificent award winning Parks and open spaces one, a memorial park called Gheluvelt, which is home to the best event in town; The Worcester Show! Closely followed by the Victorian Christmas Faye which takes place November each year and attracts thousands of visitors, truly a Christmas destination!

The Guildhall is one of the finest of its type, replacing a timber construction that was destroyed by fire, the current build was commenced in 1721 and finished in 1724, with the two side wings being added later. The first floor Assembly Room has a truly magnificent ceiling and is lit by beautiful chandeliers. Our Queen, Elizabeth II, dined here during her Diamond Jubilee visit to Worcester.

There’s always something happening and the arts have come on leaps and bounds since we moved here some 27 years ago, with Worcester Live putting on some great productions in the Swan Theatre, The Commandery, Huntingdon Hall and in the not too distant future, the arts venue to be created in the old porcelain works. Whilst we are in a “cultural” mood, the Hive should not be forgotten, an amazing place one of the first Libraries of its type in Europe. A joint venture across local government and our University creating Britain’s first joint public and university library, won the Guardian University Award 2013 for Contribution to the Local Community. Whilst mentioning the University it’s very worthwhile including their innovative Arena development that has been developed into a sporting venue catering, absolutely and, in every respect, for disability sports. The Arena recently hosted the European Basket Ball Championships and has been recognised as amongst the best in the Country.

The University, itself, should also be noted as one of the fastest growing in Britain, providing outstanding education, sport and research opportunities and it is from our University that weather forecasters draw their pollen count information.

The history and Heritage of Worcester is second to none and it is said that it is one of the oldest continually occupied settlements in England. The roots of the current City could be said to date back to 1189 AD when Worcester received its first Royal Charter from Richard 1st, followed by Henry III in 1227. Its history flows on and on, the first battle of the Civil War took place here as did the last in 1651. Worcester has an extensive history although it is largely hidden and unknown in the broader sense.

I suppose the easiest way to sum up would be just to say, “Worcester is a great place, come and see!”