As a geographer I’ve always been interested in the climate. Born close to the Lake District I certainly know how wet, cold and windy the UK can be. I completed my Geography degree 40 years ago but even then started to think about where, out of choice, I’d like to live. The answer was Worcester.

At the time I’d never even visited the City, but here are the reasons for my choice. Parts of the South East may be warmer and drier, but it was too expensive, congested and remote from the ‘quieter’ and more scenic areas I liked to spend my weekends and holidays walking and cycling in.

My research showed that Worcester had a climate similar to the South East, but without all the downsides. Indeed it’s actually sunnier and drier than Reading and has 9% more sunshine hours than London. Here we’re in what geographers and meteorologists call ‘rain-shadow’ with most of the rain carried by the prevailing winds being deposited on the Welsh mountains to our west. As a result Worcester gets less rain and has clearer, sunnier skies. The second important factor is the Bristol Channel. Sea temperatures are more constant than the land and with the Bristol Channel coming so far inland the area’s temperatures are moderated. This means Worcester isn’t as cold in winter and it’s never too hot in summer.

Worcester’s central location in the UK also means that most places you want to get to are within a reasonable travel time.

I’ve lived here for the last 14 years and certainly don’t regret my choice. I feel well blessed to live in such a lovely City with great countryside on my doorstep and a climate that means I can get out and enjoy it more often.