We’re half way through our three-month campaign to big up Worcester, and what a fantastic success it is proving.

Don’t take my word for it, read all about it in the paper and online.

Today’s supplement (Click here to see it) contains just a tiny selection of stories and opinion articles compared to the number we have published in the first half of this campaign.

We’ve uncovered secret success stories from local businesses and organisations, and had a flood of information from people keen to get involved and tell us what they have been doing and achieving.

All of that is great, and helps with our overarching aim of promoting the city and all it has to offer and rewarding the people who put so much into making it a success at every level.

But I have to admit that what I have especially loved is the avalanche of ‘I Love Worcester’ articles we have received since we asked people to submit them.

From all walks of life. From civic dignitaries to the man in the street, from clergy to publicans, business bosses to charity organisers.
Perhaps we should have called the campaign I Love Worcester, because so many people do with a pride and a passion that maybe we didn’t quite realise and understand until now. 

Of course the reason why this campaign is a ‘backing’ campaign, not a ‘love-in’, is that we need to ensure that we take all that pride and passion and harness it and make sure it makes a difference.
This city needs confidence running through its veins to meet the economic and social challenges ahead.

It needs community spirit, it needs working together, it needs public debate to ensure we know what the plans are for the future and we can get behind them.
Keep your stories coming.
Keep telling us about the great things going on.
Keep sending us your pictures.
Keep spreading the word - this is a great city with great things going on - I LOVE IT.