It would do Worcester a disservice to not make mention of the vibrancy of our city, with its independent shops supported by high street names; our Cathedral, riverside walks, the Hive library and the city museum.

I really do enjoy these highlights, but many cities have their own similar individual features - so why do I love Worcester?

Could it be that our parks and the terrific open spaces available to our children make a difference – aren’t they all great? Or possibly the fact that we are a University city in the very heart of England, with more diversity on our doorstep than many other locations? 

It really is difficult to summarise, so personal views as to why people back our city really are important and give a tremendous insight into opinions that we all hold. I agree with much that has already been written as to why people believe Worcester is a great place, but I will take it a stage further.

I believe that Worcester is the sum of its parts. Perhaps other cities do have great attributes but just maybe Worcester, being a small city, is proportionally the right size for its residents. I for one love the fact that really good quality green spaces such as the Gheluvelt and Fort Royal Parks or Diglis Fields are an easy walk from the city centre. 

I’m also really impressed with the quality of our arts societies and the entertainment available here. Those who volunteer and put their hearts into promoting Worcester’s civic and historical setting really do contribute to making this a fantastic city. 

The people of Worcester themselves have an incredible generosity of spirit and although this could be said for others in different cities, I do believe it helps to set us apart. 

So for me it’s not just Worcester’s individual features but its coupling with local people who take the time to make this city a better place - in a location that is easily accessible to all.