I came to Worcester in 1989 as a single mother of a toddler, to be Principal Pharmacist at Ronkswood Hospital. 

Quite a bit has changed since then and it marked the beginning of a new and happier life for me and my daughter. Worcester is big enough to support cultural activities, events and good shops and small enough to get to know people. You very quickly meet someone that you know, whenever you walk down the High Street.

I love the green spaces in the heart of Worcester. I love the many wonderful historic buildings that are part of our everyday landscape - the Guildhall, Britannia Square, the Hopmarket, Charlie’s Cafe.
I love the Cathedral which stands at the heart of the city and still provides generous cultural, musical and moral leadership.  I love the walks along the river and the canal, away from the traffic and city noises.  
I love the music that Worcester offers - jazz at Huntingdon Hall, musical theatre at the Swan, brass bands in the park and (most) buskers on the High Street.  Not to mention the magic of the Cathedral bells, the choir, Wiedor’s Toccata on the organ and the Messiah.  

I love Worcester’s pomp and circumstance - the civic parades in celebration and commemoration.  I love that Frank, today’s swordbearer, looks exactly like the painting of his forebear. 

 I love that Worcester has taught this scientist to be interested in history - the place of Worcester in the Civil War, The Commandery’s differing uses through time and the Victorian industrial giants who gave their names to today’s city streets.
I love the diversity of communities in Worcester and the generosity of so many people who choose to spend their time making Worcester a better, happier place and helping others.  

I love Fort Royal Park and the view across the city to the Malvern Hills.  There is no finer place to watch a sunset at any time of year.  I have had the privilege of working together with many other wonderful Friends to create free family entertainment - it has been amazing to see mums and dads and kids having fun together on a cold, dark Halloween night, making a different spiritual experience to mark winter solstice and organising Easter egg rolling.  

With enthusiasm and good humour we have helped to make Fort Royal a Green Flag park which is enjoyed by many more people.  
I have very special memories of evensong being sung at the top of the park to celebrate the park’s centenary in 2015 and then later in the year, on the same spot, a Muslim call to prayer for breaking the fast for Ramadan.  Safe public spaces for all city communities to share together remain very important. 

Worcester is a great place to bring up a family.  It is a great place to be retired.  

You don’t ever need to be bored or lonely in Worcester.  I love it!