A WORCESTER firm has been a massive success story, becoming one of the world's biggest suppliers of reusable jute bags.

Jutexpo, based in Broadway, celebrating its 15th anniversary, has confirmed its position as the world’s biggest supplier of reusable jute bags, with sales topping 65 million bags since the company formed in 2002.

The firm, which has more than 80 per cent of the UK market, was formed by father and son Barrie and Sam Turner after they spotted a gap in the market for reusable bags to minimise plastic bag usage.

Barrie spent time in India researching the jute fabric and its production process, enabling them to supply sustainable, high quality bags made of a strong, ethically produced alternative.

What began as a small business in the back room of Barrie’s house has developed into the company with customers including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose, National Trust and the Royal British Legion.

Shoppers using environmentally friendly, reusable jute bags have helped reduced demand for plastic bags by more than six billion since the introduction of the tax on single use plastic carriers in England in 2015.

Sam Turner, compliance director of Jutexpo, said: “We are delighted to be celebrating our 15th anniversary and are extremely proud of our track record of supplying more than 65 million ethically produced and environmentally friendly bags.

"A jute bag replaces the need for as many as 624 disposable plastic bags over its four-year lifespan.

“The UK market has seen the supply of around 19.37 million jute bags in the last two years.

"That means that this fully sustainable alternative has reduced demand for single use plastic bags by 6.04 billion, with all the environmental benefits which go with that."

“Our ethical production is fundamental to the integrity of our bags and we are proud to be leading the market with our standards."