THIS month we had a talk from David Baley, who brought with him his Magic Lantern, a 100-year-old machine.

The machine was originally worked with a lime burner and was used in past times to show slides.

Most of his slides were hand painted and dated back to Victorian times although he did have photos from the 20s and 30s.

In former times, these slides were shown to large groups of people on very large screens in very dark halls and caused a sensation.

Many of the slides had a dual purpose and were used for education and storytelling.

On a lighter note, people were able to see famous people and there was a fondness for pictures of pretty ladies.

Some of the slides made us very uncomfortable as they showed things like animal cruelty that our forebears found amusing.

Popular also were the slides that showed some movement. These were worked by using small levers.

Our next meeting in March will be our AGM.

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