AN EastEnders star was turned away from a bar in Malvern for wearing a hat.

Shane Richie, aged 52, best known for playing Alfie Moon in the soap opera EastEnders was turned away from Malvern Lounge for wearing the hat.

He was out celebrating with his Not Dead Enough castmates, including Strictly Come Dancing star Laura Whitmore.

Mr Richie was critical of the decision on Twitter saying: "All touring companies coming to Malvern give Malvern lounge a swerve STAY AWAY !!! Turned away for wearing a hat !!!"

The manager of Malvern Lounge, Matt Fletcher, replied to the tweet saying: "This is my bar and I'm so sorry you have had this experience, but being a small business I would appreciate if you removed the tweet.

"I'm very angry that this has happened, and when I return to the bar questions will be asked."

He later added to Mr Richie "My staff were mortified. Again please feel free to join me for a pint 2moro (sic) if your around. This ones on me."

Mr Richie rejected the offer, stating: "Noooooo Thankyou off back to London."

Readers on the social media platform gave a mixed response.

Councillor Helen Dyke, for Aggborough and Spennells, said: "Doesn't matter who you are, a rule is a rule and Malvern is a wonderful place."

Other responses took Mr Richie's side.

Tracey Murphy tweeted: "Turned away for wearing a hat!?! In these temperatures? !? How bonkers is that?"

Mr Richie has since deleted the tweets.

Malvern Lounge have been approached for comment.