A DRUNK Droitwich man broke into a private school for girls and scribbled graffiti on classroom boards including images of male private parts, Worcester Magistrates Court heard.

James Willis, 25, of Miller Street, Droitwich, admitted burglary with intent to cause damage when he appeared at the court on Friday, July 1.

Prosecuting, Leslie Ashton said police arrived at Dodderhill School, Crutch Lane, Dodderhill, near Droitwich, on Saturday, May 7, finding someone had entered by smashing a window.

Police discovered the images had been drawn on boards in three classrooms, used for Spanish, German and history lessons, while a student's workbook had also been scribbled in.

Miss Ashton said that crucially, Willis had left blood at the scene, and the forensic evidence matched him and led to his arrest.

In a police interview, Willis explained he had been drinking at the Freemasons pub on Friday night and consumed a variety of alcoholic drinks, including lager and vodka, before going to the school on his way home.

Andrew Wakeman, defending, said when police showed CCTV to him, he was shocked and remorseful as he found out what he had done.

Mr Wakeman said he drank at weekends and it was not unusual for him to drink that amount, but the only difference was Willis was on strong painkillers at the time.

He said Willis had no grievance with the school and he had clearly been extremely stupid.

"He is mortified at what he had done, and for the impact on the school." Mr Wakeman said.

"He is embarrassed to be before the court for such an offence."

He added it was unlikely it would ever be repeated again.

Willis was fined £265 by magistrates - a higher fine than usual as the damage was caused at a educational establishment.

He was ordered to pay costs of £135, a victim surcharge of £30, and compensation of £101.50 - a total of £531.50, which Willis promised to pay within a week.

Dodderhill headteacher Kate Mawston told the Worcester News it was a "shock" when staff found out.

"It was an invasion of our privacy - it wasn't targeted but it was a very childish act," she said.

"Earlier this year we installed CCTV cameras, which police used to catch this man.

"We take the safety of pupils and the site very seriously, which was why we took the measures to introduce CCTV."