THOUSANDS of hunting enthusiasts turned out for the traditional Boxing Day hunts.

There was an impressive turnout at Worcestershire Hunt, held in Droitwich.

Crowds began building after 10am at Lido car park, welcoming around 100 horses that arrived, accompanied by dozens of hounds.

Traditionally senior master of the hounds David Palmer addressed the crowd but after recently suffering a fall, which he is currently recovering from, Master Ade Ward took over the duty.

In his speech Mr Ward addressed the political situation surrounding hunting, criticising the Hunting Act that came into force in 2006, which made fox hunting with dogs illegal across Britain.

These days hunts follow a trail laid for hounds to chase down, to keep within the law.

Mr Ward said: "More than a decade since the failed, pointless hunting act, it is great to see so many of you here today.

"Over a quarter of a million people are expected to turn out to a hunt like this one, this Boxing Day.

"Millions of pounds of taxpayers money continues to be wasted on the Hunting Act.

"As long as you keep coming, we will keep coming each year."

Crowds then lined the streets and applauded as the hunt rode off to follow the trial.

Thousands also attended the Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt, held in Pershore.

Spectators gathered in Broad Street, Pershore, to see the horses and hounds before they rode off.

Secretary Sally Millington said there was another excellent turn out, and a great festive atmosphere among the crowds who turned up to support.

She added this year also saw young members riding the horses and youngsters in the crowd supporting the event.