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Live updates as Storm Doris hits Worcestershire

Last updated:

    Storm Doris has hit Worcestershire, leaving a trail of fallen trees in urban and rural areas
  • Farrier Street in Worcester was closed earlier after winds ripped solar panels from a building's roof
  • Diglis Road has been closed because of a fallen tree.
  • Some areas are suffering power cuts.
  • The Met Office has issued an amber warning for wind, meaning gusts of 60 to 70 mph are expected.
  • Delays are being reported on rail links and authorities are warning people not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • Angel Place market in Worcester has been cancelled due to safety concerns.


The Davenports Pop Man. 8:06am Thu 23 Feb 17

I'd like to be first to patronise the poor people working outside today, by labeling them 'brave'.

Score: 2
disbelief 10:28am Thu 23 Feb 17


Worcester News photographer Jonathan Barry was in the area when the tree fell in Severn Terrace, Worcester, and said he heard an "almightly crack" as it fell.
Did he not think to take any photos then...............

Score: 2
BarneyBeagle Replying disbelief 10:35am Thu 23 Feb 17

He couldn't find anyone to stand by the tree and point at it, so didn't bother.

Score: 5
The Villan Replying BarneyBeagle 10:47am Thu 23 Feb 17

Or have their arms crossed with a frown on their face ha ha!!

Score: 5
The Villan 10:48am Thu 23 Feb 17

Isn't nature great 🙂

Score: 2
walkerno5 Replying The Villan 11:33am Thu 23 Feb 17

It's lovely until it falls on you.

Score: 1
BarneyBeagle 11:22am Thu 23 Feb 17

Looks like there's a large tree down on the corner of Croft Road and Castle Street now. Have the council closed off the entire area and erected any ludicrous temporary lights yet?

Score: 0
Phisherman Replying BarneyBeagle 11:29am Thu 23 Feb 17

No. The temporary lights come when they have cleared it all away!

Score: 4
BarneyBeagle Replying Phisherman 1:01pm Thu 23 Feb 17

Oh, silly me! I'm sure they'll get them up just in time for rush hour..!

Score: 1
dottyjeffs 11:40am Thu 23 Feb 17

A large part of the roof is missing from Leo's supermarket at the bottom of Ronkswood Hill. Store closed until further notice.

Score: 0
brooksider Replying dottyjeffs 12:45pm Thu 23 Feb 17

Must be badly damaged, Leos' has been closed for years

Score: 0
[deleted] 12:34pm Thu 23 Feb 17
Score: 0
[deleted] 12:46pm Thu 23 Feb 17
Score: 0
Ranste 12:54pm Thu 23 Feb 17

In other news, in the winter it rains and gets a bit windy sometimes.

Score: 1
hamajefim hamajefim 2:18pm Thu 23 Feb 17

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Score: 0
Freddythefrog 5:41am Fri 24 Feb 17

And my dustbin blew over yesterday afternoon but luckily it was empty...phew

Score: 0
tempress69691 6:03am Fri 24 Feb 17

You all idiots that's left stupid comments about yesterday's storm a women lost her life due to it yesterday so never mind taking the **** about ur bins falling over just think of that poor womens family who they have lost because of it......bunch of tits! !!!!

Score: 0

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