THE MP for Mid-Worcestershire has welcomed a bill he says will transform the way people research and book holidays by giving them added protection.

On Tuesday, July 3, Parliament passed the second reading of the Air Travel Organisers’ Licensing Bill.

The bill, the first legislation to be debated in the new Parliament, is increasing protection for people who book holidays online, and is making it easier for the law to keep pace with changing technology.

The legislation has been drawn up to address a gap in the internet travel market whereby passengers who book their flights, hotels or car hire separately online are not covered by the same protections as those booking package holidays on the High Street.

It will also help UK businesses selling their air holidays across the European Union as it will be possible to offer consumers in Europe the same protection they offer customers in the UK.

Nigel Huddleston said: "The internet has transformed the way people research and book holidays and it is right that Parliament is acting to ensure our laws remain fit for the modern age.

"I have been arguing for this kind of protection for online holiday bookings since I entered Parliament.

"This legislation will provide reassurance to British holidaymakers planning their travels abroad and will help UK businesses attract customers from across the EU.”