THE bonds of friendship between twin towns were strengthened with a visit to Germany.

Last month, some 35 members Droitwich Spa German Twinning Group spent a weekend Bad Ems in Germany, and stayed with host families in the town.

They were also joined by 25 footballers from Droitwich Boys and Girls Football Club in a separate event organised by renowned coach Frank Holliday, who recently died of a heart attack on Sunday, June 25.

As well as visiting Bad Ems, the group took a trip Wiesbaden, visited a winery and took to the water for a boat trip on the Rhine River to Spay and from Koblenz to the Moselle River.

During a welcome speech, chairman of the German Twining group: David Morris, said: "We are now, longstanding, friends who share our families and experiences. We are united in many things so let’s enjoy our time together and our new experiences and also think of our many colleagues who can sadly not be with us."

On the final day, a farewell dinner was held and gifts were exchanged, including Droitwich salted fudge and Pershore apple juice.

Speaking at a farewell dinner, Mr Morris, added: "A lot is made of Brexit, but whatever unfolds it will not affect our links and friendship, that will remain and be something we are always thankful for."

Droitwich Spa has been twinned with Bad Ems, 'bad' meaning the German equivalent of spa, since 1983 and visits take place to each town in alternate years.

Twinning members make their own way to Germany, paying their own fares. The majority fly or drive, but a few go by train.

No public money is used to fund the trip.