MILLER Homes Midlands have been cluing up Droitwich students about the importance of health and safety on building sites.

Alec Arnold, Miller Homes’ health, safety and environmental advisor, held an interactive assembly at Westacre Middle School in Droitwich all about the company's work in building new houses and what the future of construction could look like, as well as informing the pupils of the potential dangers associated with their on-site work.

The local company also hosted a poetry competition during their visit which was centred on safety on site and was won by Year 6 pupil, Emily Horton.

"Being aware of health and safety procedures is at the heart of everything we do at Miller Homes," said Mr Arnold.

"We aim to make sure that children nearby any of our developments, such as those at Ravens Croft in Droitwich, are clued up when it comes to potential dangers on a building site. The assembly and competition proved to be great ways to engage young people in this potentially serious matter.”

"The children at Westacre Middle School were extremely interested in the range of topics we covered and asked some great questions, too. It’s really important to Miller Homes to have a presence in the local community and we really enjoy delivering workshops such as this."

Miller Homes has developed a working relationship with the school since they collaborated on the Walk to School Week, a national initiative in which pupils and families were encouraged to leave their cars at home in an effort to become more active.

Head of Year 6, Rachel Murray confirmed that Miller Homes’ visit was a success, she said "Our pupils really enjoyed participating in Walk to School Week, and the health and safety assembly was an opportunity to continue developing strong links with Miller Homes. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed the session and the poetry competition really got their creative juices flowing."

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