SIGNS and posters are being defaced, destroyed, and stolen across Worcestershire as the election battle hots up.

Conservatives in Mid-Worcestershire and West Worcestershire have had a number of signs targeted.

But some of the West Worcestershire Liberal Democrat signs taken down over the course of last weekend have been found in a field by two people putting up notices about their lost cat.

Peter Luff, who is the Conservative candidate standing in the Mid-Worcestershire seat, has condemned the attack on his signs in Ombersley, Elmbridge and around the Cutnall Green area.

Some of his ‘Peter Luff’ signs have been changed to read ‘Peter Puff’ and others have had the first letter of his surname changed to an ‘M’.

Mr Luff said: “It is a sense of humour I don’t quite share. I am aware of it and believe they have been or are being dealt with.” Mr Luff said it was not as bad as what happened in Inkberrow in 1992 when they were all taken down and a bonfire made of them.

Meanwhile, in West Worcestershire the Conservative party said that about 50 posters have been attacked in Malvern, some up to three times.

Chris Cheeseman, who is vice-chairman of the West Worcestershire Conservative Association, said that a “hooded attacker” has been seen leaving the scene of some incidents.

“If this is vandalism it is vandalism on a scale and with a political dimension not seen in previous general elections, including 2005,” he said.

This follows on from a report in your Worcester News about West Worcestershire Liberal Democrat signs and posters being stolen from peoples’ gardens and properties in Malvern, Tenbury Wells, Hallow and Rushwick over the course of the weekend beginning Saturday, April 24.

However, some signs taken from the field near the Ketch roundabout were discovered on Sunday evening by two people putting up notices urging people to look out for their lost cat.

The found items included a large diamond sign, three small diamond signs and one diamond sign on a stick.

Attempts have been made to put them back on display.