A CANDIDATE standing in Worcester is calling on the Royal Mail to carry out a review after she was left with thousands of surplus leaflets.

The Liberal Democrat party’s Jackie Alderson said she had about 7,000 leaflets left over despite the fact Royal Mail said her election address had been delivered to every home in the city.

Meanwhile, the British National Party is claiming “several thousand” of its leaflets have not been delivered in Warndon and St John’s, although Royal Mail said: "We are confident that we have delivered election materials in Worcester correctly.

“We received more leaflets than were needed for the number of elligible addresses in the area in addition to the extras that we always request to ensure that we have sufficient coverage."

As a result Ms Alderson, who supplied 50,000 leaflets to Royal Mail after they had advised candidates should supply at least 46,200 leaflets to cover the city, said: "I am relieved to hear that my campaign message has gone out across the city. That was always my main concern.

"But once the election is over, I hope Royal Mail will conduct a review to discover why candidates were required to supply far more leaflets than it seems are really needed."

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