PROPOSALS to revamp Worcester to build a city for the future are to be unveiled in May.

That is when ideas put together by urban regeneration specialists will be put out for consultation by Worcester City Council.

Civic and business leaders met at the University of Worcester’s City Campus to be given an update of how planning for Future Worcester is proceeding.

The council is drawing up a 30-year-plan to develop Worcester as a “bold, vibrant, first-rate cathedral and university city”.

Feedback from previous consultations suggests that people want a stronger shopping centre, better transport and improved housing and job choices.

But the city regeneration specialists who have been asked to come up with recommendations – David Lock Associates – warn that there are some tough decisions ahead.

They have already said that they think the city could make more of its cultural and historical heritage; that its transport system is constrained by the size of the population; and it has a “very odd” shortage of public squares and assembly places.

Priority is to make the city more attractive to live in, because that will bring the type of creative, committed people who can help build the city of the future.