SIR – John Shearon chooses to criticise hunting (Worcester News, January 8) but lacking any knowledge of the subject fails to make a useful contribution to the debate.

Like many opposed to hunting Mr Shearon is obsessed with what people wear and the fact that a few ride a horse and so appear wealthy.

The Hunting Act (2004) cost £30,000,000 and hundreds of hours of valuable parliamentary time but there is no evidence it has saved one fox, contributed to conservation or animal welfare.

Mysteriously, after 10 years no one who supported this legislation has called for a review to analyse its supposed success.

The truth is Tony Blair was forced to bring in a hunting ban to keep militant Labour MPs in check or they would have blocked vital welfare reforms getting through Parliament.

Mr Shearon says any “Master of the Hunt should be sent to prison”.

Clearly, he is unaware that contravention of the Act does not carry a custodial sentence or give anyone convicted a criminal record.

This was probably a wise move by the architects of the ban when you consider this law allows two dogs to hunt a rat but makes it a crime if they chase a mouse.

It’s very doubtful if the writers of the comedy series Yes, Minister could have made up such a farce.