sir – In response to some negative comments on recent articles about the closure of Asha Women's Centre, the Board of Trustees have no wish to engage in any kind of tit for tat argument with critics.

However, they do wish to make clear that the loss of Asha after more than 20 years is a sad event, and that they have not blamed any other organisation (including the County Council) for its demise. Further, whilst the idea of a rescue package, promoted by some county councillors recently, was appreciated it was not requested nor sought by the Asha board, as the situation they face is no different to many other voluntary sector organisation, many of which are finding reductions in resources challenging.

They also feel it is important to respond to two specific and personal comments made,

Firstly, the current centre director has never received ANY contribution to a pension scheme and thus has no 'pension pot'.

Secondly, Asha has not paid for any dental or other personal expenses for the current centre director and any allegations that they have done so will be taken seriously.

Susan Humes

Asha Trustee, Worcester