SIR – On Tuesday, June 5, a team of young people from in and around St Peter’s Parish were up very early in the morning, baking cakes and scones, and assembling a huge amount of furniture, materials, food, bunting and games, for their charity Jubilee party at Power Park.

Despite the ferocious winds and grey clouds, the party went cheerfully ahead.

Mayor and Mayoress of Worcester Roger and Jill Berry, and Acorns Hospice ambassador Alex Jordan with his Olympic Torch declared the party open.

The table cloths were securely taped to the tables and everybody joined in.

They were determined to enjoy themselves, attaching tails to royal corgis, constructing royal crowns and guessing the weight of a sumptuous, large Dundee cake.

The picnic was hilarious and we were finally driven home by rain at about 1pm.

I was most impressed by the oganisational skills and eye for detail of the young team, whose leader, Abigail McFarlane, is just 12 years old.

The parish, and particularly the youngsters’ parents, must be very proud.

St Peter’s parish councillor