We depend on cheap migrant labour

8:06pm Friday 18th April 2014

Sir - I am so glad that Worcester resident, David Barlow still loves to read my letters (9.4.14).

I pity pedestrians who cannot see the cycling signs

8:04pm Friday 18th April 2014

Sir. Jed Taylor is correct on his comments on his cycling on the "footpath" along New Rd. The public cannot seem too see the cycle information painted on the footpath at either end.

Raising school leaving age would be more pointless tinkering

8:00pm Friday 18th April 2014

Sir - There is a government proposal to increase the school leaving age to 18, why? What is this stupid idea designed to achieve?

New bridge should complete ring road

7:58pm Thursday 17th April 2014

Sir -Instead of wasting anymore money on the Carrington Bridge it would be more beneficial to the City of Worcester and surrounding places to Build the New Bridge further up and complete the Ring Road, this would solve the problem of the congestion on the Carrington Bridge and in the City Centre. The costs will never come down so the sooner it is done the better.

I did not vote for council tax rise

12:32pm Thursday 17th April 2014

Sir - I did not vote for a council tax increase as was mistakenly reported in the Worcester News in February and which was reiterated by John Phillpott in his column on 12th April. I think it’s worth taking this opportunity to remind Mr Phillpott that the city council is actually a Labour-Lib Dem administration. Also, as Tom Edwards wrote in his ‘Source’ column on 21st March, ‘the main reason for a noticeably higher council tax bill’ is that the Conservative-controlled County Council, which ‘takes 72 per cent of the money you pay’, opted to increase council tax by 1.9%.

Don't waste your vote on UKIP

11:20am Thursday 17th April 2014

Sir - Last year I gave my support to the Green Party because it is the only party with a consistent set of principles and a moral dimension which its members are prepared to defend.

NHS have got it wrong over closure of walk-in centre

11:27am Wednesday 16th April 2014

Sir - I am delighted that my motion to Council objecting to the closure of the Worcester walk in health centre resulted in a thorough-going scrutiny of the proposal by Worcester City Council's Scrutiny committee on Wednesday.

Parking breakthrough is not due to Labour

11:18am Wednesday 16th April 2014

Sir - I am delighted to read in your Worcester News that action is finally going to be taken to ease parking congestion around county hall by creating 200 new parking spaces.

NHS and social care services need to work together

11:16am Wednesday 16th April 2014

Sir - I am writing in response to a recent study suggesting a merged NHS and social care budget in England will prevent vulnerable people falling between the gaps of the two systems. By introducing a single, seamless health and care system we could dramatically improve the current system, which is failing vulnerable individuals caught in-between the two services.

Great news on parking

11:10am Wednesday 16th April 2014

Sir - The Spetchley Road Area Residents' Association was delighted to read the news last week regarding the County Council's proposed expansion to County Hall's car parks, providing two hundred extra spaces. Over the years, the Chairman, Keith Burton and other members of the Association's Committee, have attended meetings, lobbied the Council to ease our serious parking problems, met with the Principals of both educational establishments in the Road, written numerous letters and talked at length with Councillors and Council officers.

Never a better time to pull out

9:57am Wednesday 16th April 2014

Sir - Latest reports show that over the next 5 years ,500,000 EU migrants will flock to Britain.

Leniency is needed for soldier who killed wounded Taliban

11:23am Tuesday 15th April 2014

Sir - I hope Sergeant Alexander Blackman is successful in his appeal


11:24am Monday 14th April 2014

Sir - I was sorry to read in Allcia Kelly’s article (Worcester News 10th April) that Mrs.Angela Beddow,(after four months of secrecy by the authorities) has left Perry Wood Primary and Nursery School.

We loved dancing with the eggs

8:20pm Sunday 13th April 2014

Sir -

Council should not override residents on housing plan

8:16pm Sunday 13th April 2014


Character counts

4:26pm Sunday 13th April 2014

Sir - As to 'eccentric, badly-dressed, multi-millionaire' (Phillpott, April 4) when downtown I lately wore a long, black and white, woolly coat, plus woolly hat. I looked like Compo, ho, ho, ho! Character counts, not appearance. 'love your neighbours', Christ said.

Tell me if you see Keith, I'm worried

11:32am Sunday 13th April 2014

SIR – in response to the letter from Mrs C Roberts on Friday 11 th April, it does seem that our celebrity seal Keith has gone incognito. I haven’t had any reports of sightings on her Facebook fan pages recently, and I am getting worried. Hopefully she has simply gone back to sea, and while we have all fallen in love with her (with the exception of some anglers of course), we must remember that her natural habitat is the sea, and this is where she really belongs.

Consumers can stop these 'animal prisons'

11:30am Sunday 13th April 2014

Sir - After successfully appealing against his initial application, Mr Davies now seeks to expand the cruelty of broiler chicken production in Worcestershire.

Labour are just desperate

12:18am Sunday 13th April 2014

Sir - I thought maybe it was just Cathedral Ward Labour councillors who can travel in time since they claimed credit for getting money to improve Diglis Field which actually was allocated before either of them was elected to Worcester City Council. But no!-it seems from the latest Labour leaflet that City Council leader Adrian Gregson & parliamentary candidate Councillor Joy Squires have this phenomenal ability too.

Clegg and Farage were as bad as each other

12:14am Saturday 12th April 2014

The recent televised exchanges between UKIP’s Nigel Farage and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg were so poor that I refuse to dignify them by calling them “debates”. Farage gave his usual blend of populist patriotism (‘the last refuge of a scoundrel’) and red-neck anti-immigrant rants that belong inside a white conically shaped hat and mask. As for Nick Clegg, the best he could do was a version of “it’s the economy, stupid”.

Clegg lost on style and substance

12:12am Saturday 12th April 2014

Sir - Nick Clegg must regret calling for those debates he lost so heavily to Nigel Farage, and worry about the possible damage to his career and party. However, the real issue is the damage he and his party’s policies are doing to this country and its people.

Mr Dipper is scaremongering, again

10:51pm Friday 11th April 2014

Sir - One has to give credit to GB Dipper (Letters, 7.4.'14) for his sheer dogged consistency. He's now sending them in fast and furious: there must be elections in the offing!

What's going on with this roundabout?

10:00pm Friday 11th April 2014

Sir - We have all heard the tale of the Whittington island and possibly tales of the Ketch island to look forward to.

Worcester city traffic - 1, 2, 3

9:06pm Friday 11th April 2014


Cameron is a joke

9:02pm Friday 11th April 2014

What a joke David Cameron is.

These people need to 'get real'

2:36pm Friday 11th April 2014

Sir - Both Maria Miller,who's supposed to be preserving standards of the press and our county Chief Fie Officer, who's supposed to be preserving our safety, don't seem to realise that they're paid for by us!

Casual xenophobia

10:54pm Thursday 10th April 2014

Sir - There are good reasons to criticise the Law Society's guidance on compliance with Sharia when making a will. But not those GB Dipper suggests (Letters, 5th April).

No wonder we are disillusioned with politicians

10:48pm Thursday 10th April 2014

Sir -Dear oh dear, Mrs Miller shows the arrogance of the Tory party.

Scandalous to destroy local beauty

9:01pm Thursday 10th April 2014

Sir - The article by Tom Edwards (Worcester News 4th April),makes me wonder if Roger Clews,the government housing Inspector has an interest in the car industry.

Peter Luff is right about left-handed children

8:53pm Thursday 10th April 2014

Sir - I was interested to read Mrs Carole Roberts letter titled "Left-handed children -not disabled".

No problem with soccer parking

6:17pm Thursday 10th April 2014

Sir -I think the residents of Bilford Rd,are being a little selfish regarding the new soccer stadium. We lived in Henry St for twenty five years, That area consisted of narrow roads. They only play every other week, and their was no congestion. The new ground will even have car parks,the old never did. So Ii see no real problem. Mr T James.

Another politician ignoring the rules

10:03pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

Sir - Once again a senior politician has "broken the rules" and virtually got away with it, without any serious repercussions! Why?

Beware Nigel Farage

9:12pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

Sir - I have just read an email sent out by UKIP West Midlands Office .

It's my right to cycle on this pavement

8:57pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

Sir – My route home on my bicycle from Worcester city centre takes me down New Road, where I use the designated pedestrian/cycle path, which runs the length of the road on both sides. I find this is a much safer option than cycling on the road itself.

At last the Worcester News gets it right

8:55pm Wednesday 9th April 2014

Sir - I have been longing for the W N to be more challenging in its local political reporting. At last I am able to congratulate the journalistic input into Local Government matters. The facts discovered by investigating the payment of private hospital fees to the Fire Chief indicate excellent journalistic skills. In the past I think that the local Press has been too accepting of Local Authority press releases without attempting to find the true story behind such bland statements. By challenging our elected leaders the local paper does an important job both in holding our Councillors to account and enabling residents to form opinions.

Who's he kidding, dredging is the answer

10:03am Wednesday 9th April 2014

Sir - Who is Mr N Taylor kidding, if you take a gallon tin it holds 1 gallon of water approx. 10lbs in weight, if you squash the tin it wont take as much simple to check, so it follows that if our river can only take so much water before flooding then if you dredge it and make it deeper it would carry more water before it bursts its banks simple maths ,It was reported that in some places on the Severn the

What a rip-off

9:14pm Tuesday 8th April 2014

Its of little comfort that the Government have waded into the row over the price of England's replica football kits.

Homophobes and bigots are real indictment

9:54am Tuesday 8th April 2014

Sir - Mr Alan Winwood thinks same-sex marriage is a "terrible indictment of modern Britain" (2 April). A strong claim! So what's his strong evidence or argument for this strong claim? All he can offer is to cite "wisdom of the ages", semantic quibbles about the word "gay" changing its meaning, and statements about the "complementarity of the sexes" that would obviously be fallacious if they were even well-formed enough to be arguments.

Well done, cover up attempt has failed

9:50am Monday 7th April 2014

SIR- This is a re-write of a letter I despatched during the morning in which the 'I've paid it back' news broke. In it I urged the Chief Fire Officer to return the £3000 awarded to him by three councillors and issue a full apology for his 'error of judgement' , as the best he could do to regain a little dignity from the fiasco of which he found himself at the centre.

Council is driving shoppers away

11:36pm Sunday 6th April 2014

Sir - Page 9 of the City Council's propaganda magazine, City Life, headed City 'Council Budget, What's in it for you' serves as a perfect illustration of what to expect from the current political leadership.

Twist and Shout was wonderful

8:50pm Sunday 6th April 2014

Sir- My wife and have just come back from the Chantry schools 50th anniversary production of twist & shout, a great whimsical farce about a couple’s wedding in 1964 (hence 50 years)since the Chantry school opened.

Sadly, I think they've got the swim pool decision right

3:10pm Sunday 6th April 2014

Sir- As a keen club swimmer in my youth I was extremely sorry to read in Tom Edward’s article and your editorial (Worcester News 1st April) that plans for an 8 lane swimming pool for a city of this size have been dashed due to economics.

Cycling laws need updating

3:07pm Sunday 6th April 2014

Sir - I would like to comment about the letter by Phil Pedler about cycling Laws.

Let's say Yes to Homes

2:40pm Sunday 6th April 2014

Sir - As a resident of Worcestershire, I’m concerned about the lack of serious local debate on the homes we need in our community when there’s clearly a big problem.

Where is this traffic supposed to go?

3:36pm Saturday 5th April 2014

Sir - What a relief, at last an attempt to keep the traffic flowing, remodelling the Ketch roundabout and putting in a stretch of dual carriageway. This begs the question,Why was the Southern Link not built as dual carriageway from the start? The first part of the orbital road was built back in the late 50s, the Northern link,this was dual carriageway.

Great opportunity for Diglis

3:05pm Saturday 5th April 2014

Sir - I read in their recent leaflet that Labour Councillors Lynn Denham & Jabba Riaz personally ensured development money has been ring-fenced for Diglis. Well, if they did then they must have access to a time machine because the 'Section 106' money paid by developers was ring-fenced as part of the planning permissions for the ex-Porcelain and Diglis sites several years before they both were elected councillors.

We don't want sharia law here

2:35pm Saturday 5th April 2014

Sir - Have our law society and Government gone completely mad?

Call for racing ban is completely incorrect

10:00am Saturday 5th April 2014

Sir - Every year about the time of the Grand National & Cheltenham we get the usual call for the ban of horseracing.

All is well in the world when the fire chief can get his operation paid for by the taxpayers

9:47am Saturday 5th April 2014

Sir - The homeless go without eating. The elderly go without needed medicines. The mentally ill go without treatment. Worcestershire County Council cut or withdraw grants to local organisations and reduce staffing in its care of the elderly because of lack of monies. Never mind, the fire authority find funds to pay towards the cost of an operation for the Fire Chief. So all is well in the world, or is it?

Call this democracy? More like stealth

2:37pm Friday 4th April 2014

Sir - Despite a residents' campaign I was disappointed to read that the plans for 61 new homes off Newtown Road have controversially been given the go-ahead.

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