Lucky to have such theatrical variety

11:39am Wednesday 1st October 2014

Sir - I believe we are truly lucky to have the opportunity in Worcester to choose from a range of theatrical experiences at the Swan Theatre.

Beware the scam callers, they target older people

11:30am Wednesday 1st October 2014

Sir - It would seem that now I'm considered old and past it by the fraudster community, I'm being targeted by "Internet Security Companies" who tell me my computer and my email address has been taken over by hackers and fraudsters and that I have been blacklisted by Microsoft.

My heart scare reinforced my belief in NHS

Worcester News: (10859749)

11:50am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Sir -

Traffic snarls - let's change the decision makers

11:22am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Sir - So the Northern Link road won't be needed before 2030.

Why these big pay-offs?

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

11:22am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Sir - Referring to the story headlined £4.3M In Council Exit Packages..

What's in a few watts? Quite a lot

Worcester News: (10801215)

11:12am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Sir - What is this wattage all about?

Who Can We Trust On The NHS?

10:18am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Sir - During his conference speech, Ed Milliband declared that saving the NHS would be central to his fight to win the next General Election.

Delightful campsite for travellers

Worcester News: (10156169)

10:18am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Sir - Wychavon District Council has come in for some criticism recently for not having enough traveller sites for the mobile part of the community.

Cameron - arrogant and out of touch

10:15am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Sir - Journalist Simon Heffer who writes for the Daily Mail comments in the New Statesman that the conservative party has been in a state of deep uncertainty since the defection of Douglas Carswell to the UKIP.

The dangers of carbon monoxide

Worcester News: (10156169)

10:06am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Sir - Late last year, a family friend returned from a long day at work, as he turned in to the street in his car, he discovered his way was blocked by a couple of ambulances, a fire engine and a three police cars.

Working together to deliver youth services across the county

Worcester News: (10902360)

9:33am Tuesday 30th September 2014

Sir - The comments attributed to a youth worker on your front page 29th September do not reflect the views of the Worcester Community Trust (WCT).

It's a shame Worcester students are getting a bad name because of a small minority

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

12:23pm Monday 29th September 2014

Sirs - In response to the issues highlighted in your newspaper about student behaviour, it saddens me to think that all students are being negatively portrayed, based on the behaviour of a small minority.

Can you have faith in these people to oversee police?

Worcester News: (10747335)

5:24pm Sunday 28th September 2014

Sir - A new independent watchdog, the so-called Warwickshire and West Mercia Ethics Committee, has been set-up to examine police practices across West Mercia (Worcester News, 24 September). But just how ‘independent’ – which I would define as being representative of the wider community – is it? Well, not very, if a cursory look at the membership is anything to go by.

Free parking is what city needs

Worcester News: 3814701808. 16/09/14. GV's of Worcester high street. Picture by Nick Toogood. (10437125)

5:19pm Sunday 28th September 2014

Sir - Reading letters submitted to the Worcester News, It seems that the concern for a lot of the businesses in the city centre of Worcester are that more out of town developments will mean less footfall in the city.

The English are sick of being the suckers

Worcester News: (10802781)

11:39am Sunday 28th September 2014

Although Scotland is to remain part of the UK, the referendum made it clear that nearly half the population wants to sever ties from our union.

Your rough sleepers article was distorted

Worcester News: (10156169)

6:44pm Saturday 27th September 2014

SIR - I was angered by your very distorted article of September 18, regarding the rough immigrant sleepers at Hylton Road,

Road and bridge need to be done at same time

Worcester News: Nick Toogood - 26/09/12. Traffic passes over the Carrington Bridge with the Severn flood plains behind, under water.  (6140740)

5:13pm Saturday 27th September 2014

Sir - The council widen the A440 then ....then!!!! .. they think about resolving the very bottle neck that creates the problem that's ""forced them"" to widen the road in the first place ????

First Prodger's Folley, now Geraghty's

Worcester News: Nick Toogood - 26/09/12. Traffic passes over the Carrington Bridge with the Severn flood plains behind, under water.  (6140740)

4:44pm Saturday 27th September 2014

Sir - I am very surprised to see in the paper today, that the Council went ahead and widened the A4440, and enlarged the Ketch Island before taking into consideration the expense of widening the Carrington Bridge and mile long road to the Powick Island which will have to be built on pillars, and before getting the necessary funding from the Government.

Yet more retail greed

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

4:41pm Saturday 27th September 2014

Sir -

Looking forward to Father Brown

Worcester News: (10156169)

3:39pm Saturday 27th September 2014

SIR - One day during a routine shopping trip to the city I had an unexpected treat to witness some filming outside the Guildhall.

Gazebo made my chuckle

Worcester News: (10156169)

7:29pm Friday 26th September 2014

SIR - I know it wasn't funny to Dave Bradley (September 20) but his gazebo being swept away by wind in North Devon made me chuckle!

Dreadful live export trade

Worcester News: (10156169)

5:22pm Friday 26th September 2014

SIR - Jon Burgess (Worcester News, September 18) is a bit naive if he thinks that sheep going as live exports through Ramsgate Port have all come from Kent.

Obscene and not fair on the working man

Worcester News: (10156169)

4:20pm Friday 26th September 2014

SIR - Harry Redknapp wrote in the Sun newspaper on Saturday, September 13 that QPR should be able to spend as much as Manchester United on players on the transfer market before they play them.

Don't let the government sell our roads

Worcester News: (10620715)

3:36pm Friday 26th September 2014

As we approach a General Election, it is worth recalling a promise made at the 2009 Conservative Party conference.

Redditch people should not be Worcester's cash cows

Worcester News: (10156169)

3:14pm Friday 26th September 2014

SIR - When are the CCGs, NHS England and the Worcester Hospital Trust going to admit that the University of Birmingham Hospital Trusts option for the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch was never going to be looked at, as it would take money away from paying towards an expensive Whit e Elephant that was built in Worcester.

Turn those phones off on the bus

Worcester News: (10156169)

12:29pm Friday 26th September 2014

SIR - Would it be possible in this day and age for bus companies to fit a disabling device to stop phones working.

MPs should work together

Worcester News: (10156169)

10:34am Friday 26th September 2014

SIR - Like you, John Phillpott (September 20) I've been around long enough to remember disputes between Greens and Labour.

Put some CSOs on the canal towpath

Worcester News: The scene of the robbery along the canal towpath, near the Cavalier Pub. Picture by Jonathan Barry.

10:08am Friday 26th September 2014

Sir I was disappointed and concerned to read about yet another assault along the canal towpath in Worcester, this being the fourth incident this year.

So excited that carnival is coming back

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

10:04am Friday 26th September 2014

I am so excited to be planning the return of Worcester Carnival 2015, and I have been overwhelmed with the positive response to bringing it back. Due to the huge amount of support received, Worcester Carnival will return on Saturday 4th July 2015.

More empty shops in city centre

Worcester News: (10156169)

7:59pm Thursday 25th September 2014

SIR - A little while ago you published an artists impression of a new shopping development at the end of the High Street.

Don't feel sorry for Kat

Worcester News: Programme Name: EastEnders - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. n/a) - Embargoed for publication until: n/a - Picture Shows:  Alfie Moon (SHANE RICHIE), Kat Moon (JESSIE WALLACE) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Nicky Johnson (10614936)

4:07pm Thursday 25th September 2014

Don't feel sorry for Kay

Treated like animals? I think not

Worcester News: (10156169)

3:51pm Thursday 25th September 2014

SIR - With regard to your article of September 19 concerning rough sleepers at Hylton Road railway viaduct, any passerby can see piles of beer cans and at times one or more of them using the area as a toilet.

Have our planners just come from the Mad Hatter's tea party?

3:23pm Thursday 25th September 2014

Sir - It’s apparent that some of our councils leaders and a number from the planning office have recently spent a little too long at the mad hatter tea party. According to certain senior council officials there’s no benefit to be derived from building a third bridge or widening the existing bridge at St Peters. The same bunch of people, have also apparently suggested that they are limited in what can be done to resolve the daily traffic congestion problems around Shrub Hill and Newtown road.

Peter Luff isn't going to back an opponent of a federal Europe, is he?

Worcester News: Paul Jackson 06.05.10

General Election 2010 count at Pershore Leisure Centre.
Conservative candidate Peter Luff speaks after winning.. (9738056)

3:17pm Thursday 25th September 2014

SIR - I noted Sir Peter Luff’s comments on Douglas Carswell (Worcester News, 19th September) as mentioned in ‘The Source’. I’ll leave others to compare Mr Carswell to Enoch Powell.

Now, what about us English?

Worcester News: INDEPENDENCE VOTE: The Flags of  St George, the flag of Scotland and the Great Britain flag fly high in North Northumberland not far from the Scotish Boarders.

2:56pm Thursday 25th September 2014

Sir - Now that Scottish politicians lurking in Westminster can breath easy again, safe in the knowledge they don't have to go out and find an honest job, what about us in England?

Nice fence - makes a change

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

2:44pm Thursday 25th September 2014

Sir - McCarthy and Stone’s contractors who are constructing luxury flats on the former site of The Art and Beauty College opposite St George’s Square, have placed an attractive green boundary fence.while work is in progress.

Speaker's Corner - let's go for it

Worcester News: (10156169)

12:00pm Thursday 25th September 2014

SIR - I would like to say to Oliver S Orr as he said in a letter on September 15 that he would like to spout off as he puts it about the EU staying in the European Union if we can get a Speaker's Corner.

Put more power in the hands of local people

Worcester News: (10698929)

9:55am Thursday 25th September 2014

It looked very close for a while, but the people of Scotland have now spoken. The vote was clear and they chose to keep our country of four nations together.

Forget it, Miliband will give us no relief from the EU

Worcester News: File photo dated 23/09/14 of Labour leader Ed Miliband making his keynote party conference speech. The leader has admitted forgetting parts of his speech amid intense criticism that he failed to tackle the economy. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Issue date: Wed

5:14pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

Sir - While singularly unimpressed by Ed Miliband's attempts to sound sincere as he repeated his "together" some fifty times during his wordy but inept speech, at Labour's party conference, I was struck by the absence of any allusion to the EU and Britain's huge debt.

Why I'm voting no to BID

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

4:48pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

So its almost time for the businesses of the city to say whether they wish to continue funding BID, which in my case amounted to £5000 over 5 years.

The same old rhetoric about the gulls

3:49pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

Sir - Here we go again, a different month and year but the same old rhetoric from whoever is in "our Guildhall corridors of power".

We need John Lewis, Next and M&S in the city centre

Worcester News: 3814 MS Newtown Road Development.jpg (10565937)

3:13pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

Sir - Hardly a day has gone by recently without the Worcester News carrying a major item regarding another well known `High Street` retailer offering to open a large store in the city - Sainsbury`s, M&S, Waitrose, Next and John Lewis to name but a few.

It's a European team, not the EU team

Worcester News: An abseiler works on hanging a drape with a Ryder Cup logo on the side of a spectator grandstand in preparation for the start of the Ryder Cup golf tournament in Gleneagles, Scotland, Sunday, Sept. 21, 2014.  The U.S. team arrives for the Ryder Cup Monday

2:53pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

Sir - The bi-annual Ryder Cup matches against the USA commence on September 26 th. at Gleneagles.

You should not have printed 'cannabis picture'

Worcester News: Giles Potter (left) with fellow Exposure members Jamie Hutcheson and Ryan Lawrie.

2:26pm Wednesday 24th September 2014

Sir - On page 13 of Saturday’s edition of the Worcester News, an article titled ‘X Factor singer entertains shoppers’ was published which focused on the former talent show contestant Giles Potter and his band Exposure.

Perdiswell: Not riding, but still parking - in the wrong place

Worcester News: Final day Perdiswell Park and Ride by Peter Willis (9899337)

2:36pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Sir - My partner and I regularly take the opportunity to walk to Perdiswell, on occasion our trip takes us past what was once the Perdiswell Park and Ride. This morning (Sunday, 21 September) John Comyn Drive was packed on either side with cars.

Narrow view on the immigration debate

Worcester News: Hand Writing (10153711)

2:33pm Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Sir - Re: Carole Roberts' letter on Friday, suggesting that there are too many people in our small country and that sending immigrants home would solve the problem.

The 10k was a fantastic event

Worcester News: (10620210)

3:33pm Monday 22nd September 2014

Sir - My wife and I have just finished our day as volunteer marshals at the Events of the North Worcester City 10k and run bike run.

Dave Edmunds is the rockabilly genius

Worcester News: (10617943)

3:10pm Monday 22nd September 2014

Sir - I enjoyed John Phillpott's article about Carl Perkins and Eric Clapton (“Your Weekend” 20 September). I think he was rather hard on Eric but I agree about George Harrison.

The dangers to the NHS exposed

Worcester News: File photo dated 07/12/10 of an NHS logo. Social enterprises are being allowed to take over £900 million of NHS services without safeguards to ensure they save the taxpayer money and will not go bust, a watchdog has warned. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo.

4:19pm Sunday 21st September 2014

Sir - Many thanks and well done to Councillor Lynn Denham and other members of 38 Degrees for raising the worrying issue of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. 200 signatures on the streets of Worcester, in just a few hours, against this TTIP proposal, which would have adverse effects on the NHS, is a very good result and proves the strength of public concerns about this issue.

Great Poetry

Worcester News: (10156169)

2:00pm Sunday 21st September 2014

SIR, Like you, John Phillpott (September 13), I love First World War's poet Rupert Brookes' poems.

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