BY the generosity of CW Dyson Perrins, a well equipped up-to-date hospital has been erected in Lansdowne Crescent, near Great Malvern railway station and is to be officially opened on Monday next by Lady Beauchamp. Although the site is not large, there is ample space around it which will not be built upon and it commands magnificent views of the hills and open country.

The hospital accommodation has been limited to 24 patient beds, an operating and an out-patients’ department, all at ground floor level, with kitchen, dining and sitting rooms for matron and staff below and bedrooms above. There are separate large wards for men, women and children, as well as single bed wards. A special feature is the provision of balconies, opening from each large ward, which it is hoped may be fully utilised for patients likely to benefit from outdoor treatment.


A LABOURER named Michael Morris was charged at the Worcester County Petty Sessions with stealing some cider, the property of his employer John Bright, farmer of Ombersley. The prisoner was caught in the act of drawing cider from a cask in the drinking house into a wooden bottle. He was sentenced to six weeks’ hard labour.


THE parish of Hallow has contributed £20 towards the relief of British prisoners in France, which sum has been paid by the Rev Shipley into the Old Bank at Worcester.

And the amount collected for the British prisoners at Kempsey church was £14.11s.6d.

􀁥 At Malvern on his majesty’s birthday, Lady Lyttelton gave a dinner to upwards of 120 poor children, the chief of whom are educated at a charity school established by her ladyship in the town.

􀁥 Schedules are being prepared for delivery for a general census or return of the population of this kingdom. Householders equivocating or giving a false return are liable to penalties of £5 or 40 shillings. The returns are to be received by the magistrates from the overseers before July 27.


TWO men servants, well recommended, that will be at board wages, may hear of suitable service by enquiring at the turnpike at Droitwich, one to be assistant loader to a stock of corn mills, to have a turn and liking to fishing; the other to be employed monthly in county business, to have a capacity for buying and selling grain and cattle, and, if about 40 years of age, and can read and write, will be the more agreeable.

􀁥 This day is published, price one shilling, stitched in blue covers, The Necessity of Perseverance in Well- Doing, a sermon preached before the governors of Worcester Infirmary by the Right Reverend Isaac, Bishop of Worcester. It has an appendix containing an account of the infirmary from its first institution to this time. It is published at the request of the governors, for the benefit of the infirmary.


THE subject of almost all conversation here for this day or two has been about one Mary Bembow who lately lived in service with a widow woman without Sidbury Gate in this city, where stones were often times observed to fall down out of the air, narrowly missing the maid’s head as she was about her work.