A BRAVE act, the hero of which is at present unknown, was witnessed on the bank of the Severn at Worcester on Wednesday. A little girl named Cissie Rogers, aged 13, who lives with her parents in Trinity Street, was assisting a boy to regain his rod and some of his tackle from the river when she slipped in. She went under twice and would have sank for the third time if it had not been for the plucky action of a stranger who rushed into the water and, grasping the child, brought her safely to the bank. After a little time she recovered and the man who had saved her life was lost sight of without his identity being disclosed. The parents of the child are very anxious to discover the man’s name in order personally to offer their thanks.

ALL Saints Church has been closed for seven weeks for the purposes of repair. It was reopened last Sunday with merry peals of bells being rung and with sermons being preached in aid of the funds for the repairs. The interior of the sacred edifice has been greatly improved in appearance and comfort, the walls and other portions of the church having been cleaned and fresh painted.

The pews have been numbered and varnished, and three additional pews have been introduced in place of the old corporation seat. The chancel has been newly carpeted and repaired and fresh burners placed in the gas lamps. Attention has also been paid to the reading desk and pulpit, both of which have been improved and ornamented with silk cords and tassels. The work of renovation has entailed about £140 and has been executed in a creditable manner by Messrs Wood and Son of Worcester.

ABOUT midnight on Wednesday an alarming fire broke out in the workshops of Mr Everitt, glove manufacturer of Broad Street, Worcester. Fire engines proceeded to the spot and in conjunction with the zealous exertions of those persons who were present, stopped the progress of the devouring element after it had destroyed the shops and a large stock of gloves and leather. The flames did not reach the dwelling house but the furniture received some injury and some articles, we find, were stolen by some execrable wretches who took advantage of the hour of alarm.

RICHARD Sheriff, staymaker from London, late from Gloucester, is removed to the next door to the Lich Gate in the College Churchyard, Worcester; and makes stays and children’s coats, neat and fashionable.

He likewise sells powders and plaisters that cure wind ruptures or broken bellies at the following prices: for a child under five years of age, 2s.6d; for five shillings.a person under 20; and for 20 shillings a person under 40.

He sells trusses from one shilling to eight shillings, according to the size. Any persons sending the bigness of their waist, and which side is broken, may have it by the carriers of this journal, sent with care.

LOST out of a gentleman’s pocket, a silver pendulum watch, showing only the hours of the day, pierced pillars, and a silver out-case, the name on the watch Jacobus Markweek, London.

Whosoever will bring it to Daniel le Count, watchmaker in the College Church Yard in Worcester shall have 10 shillings reward.