RESCUE workers warn that the swan population at Worcester has more than halved in the last five weeks with swans becoming entangled in fishing lines and swallowing lead shot on the Severn between the river bridge and the Cathedral.

Until just over a month ago, 60 swans lived on the river at this location but now the numbers are down to fewer than 30. Many of the swans in distress have been taken to Jan Harrigan’s Swan Rescue hospital at Wychbold and will not be returned to Worcester but will be moved to lakes and other waterways away from danger.

􀁥 Worcester’s population is set to increase by nearly 7,000 by 1996, according to new population forecasts for the city. A predicted nine per cent rise from under 78,000 to 84,500 is revealed in city council plans to meet housing need in the future. The figures indicate an urgent requirement for more housing in the next five years, especially for families and the elderly.


FROM Crowquill’s Jottings column in Berrow’s Worcester Journal. “ I think CND’s claim that Evesham would be a target for a nuclear bomb in the event of the unthinkable happening is stretching it a bit. Their claim is based on the fact that a deep bunker has been built at Wood Norton, on the edge of Evesham, to carry on broadcasting in the event of London being put out of action. But if the bunker is deep enough to be bombproof, it would be a waste of an expensive missile to drop one there even if it succeeded in wiping out the entire population of Evesham, Pershore and the surrounding area.


HOUSE prices in Worcester have increased by as much as 20 per cent in the last 12 months. The increase is due to the shortage of property and a high demand. A typical semi-detached, three-bedroom house in the city is now selling at £4,800, compared with £4,000 a year ago. Detached three bedroom properties are fetching between £5,500 and £6,000.

􀁥 A vast audience enjoyed a memorable all-Elgar concert given in Worcester Cathedral on Saturday by conductor Sir Adrian Boult, a friend of the composer, and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. There were brilliant interpretations of Elgar’s Cockaigne Overture, the Introduction and Allegro for Strings, the Enigma Variations, and Sea Pictures with Marjorie Thomas as soloist.


WORCESTERSHIRE County Council is suggesting to Whitehall that Norton Barracks be considered as an alternative site for the prison proposed for Blackmore Camp, Malvern.

However, an Army spokesman described the idea as “out of the question”

on the grounds that Norton Barracks is still needed as a military base for some years.

􀁥 Edward Griffith Evans, a 17-years-old gypsy, was found dying from gunshot wounds in the stomach at Boreley, near Ombersley, on Wednesday. It is understood he had been out rabbiting with his .410 shotgun and that it went off while he was climbing over a stile. He was found to be dead on arrival at Worcester Royal Infirmary.