A WOMAN was shocked to spot men apparently stealing from her garden - on her own CCTV.

Kelly May urged caution after her garden spade, bags of clothes for a charity shop, two car batteries and Dyson hoover bags were stolen. 

She says that three people walked into her garden and ripped open bags she had prepared for a charity shop before leaving the scene in a white van.

Mrs May, of Liverpool Road, Ronkswood, Worcester, said the three men rummaged through her garden despite clear CCTV signs. 

She said: "I think from the video footage there were three of them, they walked around the drive without a care in the world ripping open bags I put out for the charity shop.

"They then stared at the house for a while, it's a bit worrying as it was in the morning I guess they were just looking for things they could sell.

"It was nearly 10 in the morning and they didn't take anything that valuable. I'm just shocked they ignored the CCTV signs and rummaged through the garden."

She posted the footage on Facebook.

She said: "I only posted it to warn people not leave anything in their gardens.

"I'm more concerned they came on my property and rummaged through everything and looking around for things to take. They couldn't lift my garage door so they left it."

The theft took place at 9.55am on Tuesday morning.

The incident has been reported to the police.

Anyone with information, contact police on 101 quoting incident number 494s051017