A CITY school was shut down for the day after a damaged wall inside the building almost collapsed.

Cllr Paul Denham called on the county council to find a new building for Riversides School, in Spring Gardens, Worcester, at a meeting on Thursday.

The councillor said the dangerous condition of the wall forced the special needs school to close on Monday, October 9.

Cllr Paul Denham said an officer who visited the site told staff it was the worst school building he had ever seen.

He added: "This school has been conned.

"They were given this school by the county on the understanding that it was temporary accommodation and the understanding this council would find new accommodation for them as soon as possible.

"They were then persuaded to become an academy and now we are saying we absolve ourselves of our responsibility.

"I'm aware that another premises in this county has been discussed as a possible place for them to move to."

The councillor said it was not acceptable for the children to remain in the building and demanded council action.

Cllr Andy Roberts, cabinet member for children families, said: "The council was made aware of the issue at Riversides by the academy trust.

"The school was closed for one day. Place Partnership Limited were working with the school to rectify the issue in the short term and identify a long term solution.

"The priority is ensuring the safeguarding of all users of the site and the children and young people to continue to achieve their full potential in education.

Cllr Roberts said the virtual headteacher - a headteacher appointed by the council to be responsible for all looked-after children - was satisfied that the children at Riversides were having all their educational needs met.

He said: "Place Partnership has provided advice to the school that there's no immediate risk to the building."

Cllr Roberts added that the school was advised to carry out remedial works soon.

He said: "Some of the works may impact on operations of the school and they are advised that they may wish to consider those works over the holiday."

The councillor added that the Worcestershire County Council does not receive any grant funding which could help the school move into a new building.

He said the responsibility lies with the government, who fund the academy through the Education Funding Agency.