A KIDDERMINSTER energy surveyor made quite the splash on ITV's new inflatable water-based game show last weekend.

Self-employed Daniel Brothers lifted the winner's trophy on last Saturday's (September 9) Cannonball, which is set in Malta, and sees contestants tackle daring water-based activities to varying degrees of success.

Andrew 'Freddie' Flintoff narrates the action-packed show where 24 brave contestants take on a series of inflatable games and obstacles in the water.

Mr Brothers said: "The whole experience of Cannonball was incredible from start to finish. The games themselves were so much fun.

"Admittedly, there wasn't too much skill to some of the games. Once you've thrown yourself down a steep ramp on a belly board, there's limited things you can do to affect the outcome!

"I think my favourite game was the jump - which wasn't actually shown on television - but flying through the air was an amazing feeling.

"I got first place on the knockout, which involved knocking over as many pins as possible in the fastest time from throwing yourself down a ramp in a giant zorb. And that was enough to put me into the final!"

Daniel was flown back out to Malta with his fellow two finalists to film the final challenge which he said he found "a lot more difficult".

He said: "As you step off the platform, there is a bit of a drop in the rope which makes it harder to hold on, and then you have to time it just right to get as close to the bullseye as possible.

"I managed two bullseyes, but both times I had to commit myself by reaching over to get my hand in - its the first part of you that enters the water that scores the points - and this resulted in quite a slap on the side from the water. All worth it though."

He added: "The whole team out there, presenters, production team and the other contestants were incredible. I've made some amazing friends in the other contestants.

"Obviously winning the trophy was fantastic but the overall experience was second to none.

"I've previously appeared on television shows Fifteen to One in March and Countdown in June - but this one tops the lot."