KNIVES and other bladed articles can be surrendered at Kidderminster police station as part of a national campaign to reduce knife crime.

West Mercia Police is supporting the national ongoing knife surrender campaign, Operation Spectre.

The campaign launched on September 18, and will run for four weeks.

The aim of the operation is to remove dangerous weapons from the street, reduce knife crime and raise awareness of the dangers and consequences of carrying a knife.

A knife surrender bin will be located at Kidderminster police station, in Habberley Road, for the four-week period.

Worcester News:

A spokesman from West Mercia Police said: "The Warwickshire and West Mercia policing areas do not have a big knife crime problem but we have seen the impact knife crime can have on victims and their families and the wider community.

"Anyone can use one of these bins to anonymously surrender a knife or other bladed item.

"This is a surrender campaign as opposed to an amnesty, as there will be no immunity from prosecution should information come to light that one of the surrendered weapons may have been used in the commission of an offence."

The knives surrendered will be taken to the British Ironwork Centre, in Oswestry, where they will be used to build a plinth for a 20-foot high guardian angel sculpture in memory of those who have lost their life to knife crime.