A MIRACLE baby has shown his fighting spirit by surviving against all odds despite having only half a heart.

Noah Freeman, of Worcester, who is only five months old suffered respiratory arrest on Friday, November 9.

Doctors have told his dad, Lee, that if he had not acted swiftly and taken Noah to Worcestershire Royal Hospital in Worcester after he began to pour with sweat and turn blue, his son would not have survived.

Lee Freeman, aged 24, of Trout Beck Drive, Worcester, who is an assistant manager at the city’s Tramps nightclub, rushed his son to the city’s riverbank ward at 3am.

Mr Freeman says 13 doctors helped save Noah’s life and stablise him before he was transferred to intensive care at Birmingham Children’s Hospital where he spent three days before moving to an ordinary ward.

Mr Freeman said: “I never had the chance to thank those doctors and nurses who did such an amazing job.

"The doctors told me if I had waited a few more minutes before bringing him in he wouldn’t have made it.”

Mr Freeman and his wife Sarah, 22, kept a bedside vigil for their son before he was discharged on Friday.

Noah was born on May 31 with a congenital heart defect called tricuspid atresia which means he lacks an important heart valve.

He has half a heart and the muscles around the lung arteries are too tight. At just six days old he had to undergo open heart surgery.

While in hospital he suffered a blood clot, causing brain damage and his kidneys failed.

After a brief spell at home his condition deteriorated and he had to return to the high dependency ward at Birmingham Children’s Hospital again in October.

The Freeman family want to raise awareness of chronic heart defects and there are plans for a charity night at Tramps to raise money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital with collection boxes at Mode, Velvet and Tramps.

Mr Freeman said: “It is the hardest thing I will ever experience. It’s an emotional rollercoaster going up and down.

"Just when you start to feel you can relax – something happens. We’re always on edge. But he’s a strong fighter. It’s quite inspirational and there’s no sign of him giving up. He’s going to fight all the way.”