THE best friend of a man who died after being stabbed multiple times in Worcester has spoken of the moment he found his friend’s body.

Adrian Locke, aged 39, died following an assault in Teme Road, Tolladine, at about 7.20pm on Wednesday.

A murder investigation was launched yesterday into his death and Teme Road was closed in both directions throughout the morning.

Prior to his death, Mr Locke, of no fixed address, was staying with his friend Lee Cleveley at his flat in Teme Road.

Mr Cleveley, aged 37, said he had known the victim for about 18 years and had even lived with him in Northampton for about 13 years The pair met outside Mr Cleveley’s flat at about 5pm on Wednesday and went inside where they were having a “bit of a drink”.

Then, between 6.30pm and 6.45pm, Mr Locke left the flat to go and get some more drink and tobacco from the shop in Dee Way, off Teme Road, and Mr Cleveley spoke to him through the window as he left.

The next thing he knew a friend was shouting up at him that Mr Locke had been stabbed and he went running out.

Mr Cleveley called 999 and said as he was speaking to them saw the blood.

“They asked me if he was breathing, I took him outside,” he said.

“I had my top under his head, he was still looking eyes open but not breathing.

“I did CPR for three or four minutes before a police officer came.

“He helped me for maybe a minute. It felt like a lifetime.”

When paramedics arrived, Mr Cleveley said they continued with CPR and took Mr Locke’s body into the ambulance.

“I wanted to go with him, I thought they would take him straight to hospital but they stayed there for about 45 minutes.

“They wouldn’t let anyone know what was going on. The officer who helped me with the CPR told me to prepare myself for the worst.

“I was in denial at that point.

“They came out and declared him dead.”

Paying tribute to his friend, Mr Cleveley said: “He was a loveable rogue definitely.

“He was my best mate. He knew everybody in Worcester.

“He lived in Droitwich but was always at my house.

“I just miss him. My heart goes out to the family. I’m yet to speak to the family because the police took my phone.”