A DECISION to reject a Victorian-style gin palace in Worcester was greeted with derision by readers.

As we previously reported, Amber Taverns put forward an application to open a Hogarths gin palace in the former Co-op premises on Angel Street.

The proposal was rejected by Worcester City Council licensing officials on Friday (September 8) after they expressed concerns that the premises would increase late night disorder.

Many felt the proposal could have spearhead larger improvements around Angel Place.

Freya Louisa, on our Facebook page, said: "Worcester needs to seriously move with the times and stop rejecting any innovative ideas that will bring people to the city and actually enjoy it!

"Any other city would have accepted this plan ... straight away, but there is always some pathetic reason to reject.

"Disappointing Worcester yet again."

Steve Hutchinson added: "I can't think what the council is thinking when they turn down applications like this. I think it's a great idea.

Naomi Parkinson said: "Shame because that area is overdue a facelift..."

On the Worcester News website, 'mrwrighty' wrote: "The whole street is a disgrace especially for visitors heading to and from Crowngate, it doesn't show Worcester at its best."

Others questioned what difference another establishment would make to disorder in the city centre.

Sarah Gore, on Facebook, said: "Typical... it's fine to approve several brand new drinking venues around Elgar statue at the same time but not one new bar threatening to improve Angel Street!"

Sian Csondor emphasised that late night disorder would always be an unfortunate fact of life because Worcester is full of young people.

"The evening economy is really important to a county town like Worcester," she said on our Facebook page.

"It's got limited opportunities for large scale investment in the centre because of the small-footprint historic buildings.

"The council and the applicants could have agreed a nice chunky financial contribution to the BID to ensure an increase in policing and security."

However, Lynny Pleiades Brooks said that whilst Hogarths is a nice idea, she feels there are too many pubs in Worcester.

"I grew up in Redditch which during my heyday was all pubs no shops and I can tell you now the crime rate was shocking!

"We don't need more bars or restaurants, we need different entertainment forms - ice rink for example or other ventures!"