A BINGO club will feed the needy this Christmas as part of a hamper giveaway.

Organisers of the club, in Langdale Close, Worcester, want locals to let them know about people who deserve a hamper.

Club founder Susan Gormley, aged 72, of Borrowdale Drive, Worcester, said old people often refuse to ask for help because of their pride.

She said: "They would sit with a ton of soup for Christmas instead of a proper dinner.

"But if we got that person something it will make them think Christmas is not bad after all.

"We have about 20 members. They will bring tins or something to put in.

"When I go to my club I'm going to get everyone to say what they are going to donate to the hamper."

Ms Gormley said the hampers will include a Christmas dinner, pudding and a few extras.

She plans to give one hamper to penniless pensioners and another to a family in need.

Her club is held at Fortis Living's supported housing in Langdale Close, Worcester, on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.

Nominations can be emailed to LAdam@fortisliving.com or you can ring 01684 579624.